Topband: 3G0, TF4M, noise

Dave Heil k8mn at
Fri Jan 14 12:03:44 EST 2005

N1BUG wrote:
> I'm not going to whine about last night because I worked 4
> new ones!!!!  But sure couldn't do any good with 3G0YP.
> I was listening to the 40m op at 3G0 when he said QSY 160...
> so I was there right from the start and stayed until they
> left top band.  The best peaks were 339 if I exaggerate a
> little!  Most of the time nil.  Yes, I know... most people
> were hearing them very well.  Was anyone else in the
> northeast U.S./Canada struggling with them or was it just
> me?   

I had little trouble getting 3G0YP to hear me, but a little more trouble
hearing him well here in West Virginia's northern panhandle (60 miles
south of Pittsburgh along the state line).  High winds and high temps
combined to make the band noisier than usual.  Fairly rapid QSB
compounded things.  I'd hear the 3G0 "QRZ?", then couldn't really tell
who he came back to. Later, I'd hear him call someone but couldn't tell
when he finished a QSO. Finally, things jelled and I was able to hear
him when he responded to me.  I like to think the TT Orion helped a
lot.  By the way, I did hear you calling him while I was spotting his

For transmitting and receiving, I used the coaxial inverted "L" from the
2000 N4XX article in CQ, the one which covers the band at under 2:1 SWR
with no external tuning networks. :)

Dave Heil K8MN

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