Topband: VE3OSZ article on QEX may/june 2005

Luis Mansutti IV3PRK luisprk at
Sat Jul 2 17:30:17 EDT 2005

Hi Bob,
congratulations on your interesting article on the last QEX magazine about
receiver audio processing using a Phase-Locked Loop.
Now I understand how you are receiving so well on 160 meters even with an
old Drake TR7.
You are the only VE3 I worked regularly also during the summer in the last
years and you were always copying me much better, and a few minutes before I
was able to pull your signal out of the noise!
You know we have never enough stuff on the receiving side on Topband, but do
you think your PLL audio system could be worth also with a modern DSP rig
like the ORION ?

Best 73


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