Topband: VE3OSZ article on QEX may/june 2005

Robert Kavanagh ve3osz at
Wed Jul 6 21:51:42 EDT 2005

Several topband reflector subscribers have contacted me following the July 
2 message from Luis, IV3PRK, about my PLL filter article.

In case others are interested in building this circuit I should point out 
that there are several errors in the schematic as published in QEX. 
(Unfortunately, while correcting a few other errors in the proofs the QEX 
people introduced some new errors !!).

The corrections are listed in a letter from me which appears in the 
July/August issue of QEX. Meanwhile, if anybody would like to receive these 
corrections by e-mail, please contact me directly.

I hope that this filter may be of interest to topband DXers who, like me, 
don't have the latest receiving equipment.

Incidentally, the real reason why I can hear Luis, IV3PRK, so well here is 
his excellent signal ! The PLL filter cannot claim credit in this case. But 
I have used it with good effect to work Bob, VK3ZL, several times.



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