Topband: W8JI FT1000MP MKV Click Modification

Michael Tope W4EF at
Sun Oct 23 02:43:49 EDT 2005

I just installed in my FT1000MP Mark V W8JI's recommended 
click-modification per the instructions on his website:

Comparing the before and after modification RF keying envelope 
waveforms on an oscilloscope, the difference in the rise and fall 
time is very pronounced (~1ms before modification vs ~5ms after 
modification) except for the leading character between word 
spaces. Even with Tom's modification in place, the leading character
after a word space (or longer pause) shows the same fast rise
time (~1 ms) and hard edge transition as the unmodified radio. 
When I listen to the MK V on a separate receiver you can hear 
the very loud click on the leading edge character. This is in 
contrast to the rest of the characters which are very soft with no 
clicks at +/- 1 KHz from the carrier. If I lock the MK V "MOX" 
(same as PTT closed), it doesn't make any difference. I still get 
the hard leading edge after a word space or longer pause. 

Has anyone else noticed this? I am sure the modified radio is 
better than it was as evidenced by the smooth and slow falling 
edges and the mostly smooth and slow rising edges), but that 
leading edge click is still going to be annoying to whoever is on
the butt end of it. 


Mike, W4EF.........................................................................

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