Topband: Top Band Intruder

wa4fki wa4fki at
Mon Oct 24 12:03:59 EDT 2005

Good Day to all,

After reading all the Emails from all over the world it is oblivious that several things must be done soon. 

The Hams must get together and determine what this INTRUDER is. Is it a jammer, OTHR, or some kind of data being sent. I like others have seen WAVE files show it like white noise or what ever color while other WAVE recordings show the signal with definite pulses. 

Is the Intruder sending first one type of transmission then switching. Only carefully monitoring and log keeping will determine this. PLUS the bearings so far received (more would really help). 

I hate to say this but many amateurs are not voicing any of their opinions. As I understand the Canadian provinces have not reported this Intruder. Then too how many 160 meter operators are there in the States that can hear this station. 

It is also reported that the harmonic from this Intruder is heard at the low end of 80 meters. Lets see if this is true. 

All of us who operate these bands had better get together and to what they can before the INTRUDERS take it over and drive us out of 160 and even bottom part of 80 meters. 

In closing it has been reported that a station at 7.088 MHz sending "CQ de CHINA 1. It comes on about 0600 UTC and runs continuously until sunrise in Hawaii's now at 1600 UTC.

Looks like this Dragon is breathing at different frequencies. 

Very Best 73's 
Best DX to all


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