Topband: FB opening from OK to ZL

=?windows-1250?Q?Milan_G=FCtter=2C_OK1FM?= ok1fm at
Wed Feb 1 13:17:34 EST 2006

Hi all,

this afternoon we had in OK good opening on 160 to ZL.
I think first time this season.

During ZL sunrise 1.Feb.06 WKD on 1823,5

17.27UTC 	ZL2SQ 	579 	579
17.33UTC	ZL3IX	559	339

This is the *.wav file (big, 10Mb) with Greg sigs with UA4HBW
and RA9BN (no cpy him) after our QSO 
(have no time to start record when WKD both, hi)

RX - remote beverage to ZL
Ham Radio de Luxe SW


Milan, OK7GU (alias OK1FM, OK1A)
ok1fm at


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