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>>But ducted signals may also "leak" out of a duct before reaching
the sunrise end; that happens when a disturbance reaches the level
of the duct, upsetting the orderly condition of ionospheric
surfaces established in the dark of night.  Such disturbances
may be of atmospheric origin or geomagnetic origin at higher
latitudes.  Atmospheric disturbances might have some "indicator"
in local weather records but have not been identified to date.<<

Nice to see some expertise confirming that VE3BMV wasn't all that "off the 
rocer" with "ducting theory". The more and better antennas people acquire, the 
more they will see the mechanism of ducting, "one way", high angle and skewed 
path propagation. 
See the original article from June 1980 CQ at

Yuri, K3BU, VE3BMV etc.

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