Topband: Contesting observations

Ed Swynar gswynar at
Wed Feb 1 18:12:25 EST 2006

> > i Heard some big gun run stations blasting away with +/- 5
> > Khz clicks.
> >
> If you feel you can make a competent assessment, then I feel it's your
> to inform stations of that fact in a friendly way.  It's all our
> responsibility to clean up the bands.  De-click Yaesus, run Orions at
> rise/fall, etc. - whatever it takes.  Good ops appreciate knowing when
> tx sig isn't up to snuff.
> 73, Barry N1EU

True enough, Barry, but sadly, far too few us know how to actually REMEDY
specifically that which ails our clicky rigs...!

The influx of reasonably-priced micro-processor controlled digital
tranceivers from Japan Inc. has been truly a wonderful thing --- alas, this
same boon has relegated 99.99% of us into "appliance operator" status. How
many owners of these modern day marvels have ever even bothered to take the
lids off of these miracle radios, except maybe one time, when they were
first acquired, to add an optional narrow CW filter into them?

The proverbial ol' RF choke & disc capacitor trick at the key terminals just
ain't relevant no more, I'm afraid!

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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