Topband: Should Be A Great Night!

Charles Bibb zedkay at
Thu Feb 2 15:37:09 EST 2006


I use thunderstorms as harbingers of imminent good conditions on 
topband.  If a thunderstorm prevents me from getting on the band, then you 
can bet your bottom dollar some juicy DX will show up AND be widely worked 
by the deserving.

Example:  All this season (and part of last) I've been on the band almost 
every single evening when we have a common darkness window with VQ9LA, and 
I especially make it a point to be there at his sunrise time.  In the past 
year of listening for him, he has peaked above my noise level exactly once, 
and - you guessed it - approaching thunderstorms shut me down.

Don't ever go to a casino with me - I'll leach the luck out of the whole 
room ;-)

Charles - K5ZK

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