Topband: Beverage Lightning Damage

Bill Tippett btippett at
Sat Feb 4 13:59:37 EST 2006


>The only way I have managed to keep matching transformers for my 900 
>foot beverage is to mount the transformer inside a defunct tube base 
>and mount a corresponding socket in a weather-proof box (I use a 
>standard rural mailbox for this).  Whenever there is a threat of 
>severe thunderstorms in the area, I go out and manually unplug the 
>tranformer assembly from the socket, and leave it lying disconnected 
>inside the closed mailbox.  I got tired of rewinding that 
>transformer, and haven't lost one since I installed it in the plug-in assembly.

         You're changing the topic (enamel
scratches) but I disconnect my Beverage
wires with relays when lighting is near.
I've never lost a transformer although
I've had both small reed relays and the
termination resistors completely explode.
I open circuit very small reed relays for this
purpose precisely because they cannot
handle high current and act as fuses
ahead of the transformer itself.  Probably
also a good reason to use small interconnect
wire (e.g. #30).

         My question was about checking
for shorts immediately after winding using
an analyzer.  The same technique would
apply to checking for lightning damage
before opening the enclosure.

                         73,  Bill  W4ZV 

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