Topband: Beverage Lightning Damage

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Sat Feb 4 17:37:58 EST 2006

          You're changing the topic (enamel
> scratches) but I disconnect my Beverage
> wires with relays when lighting is near.
> I've never lost a transformer although
> I've had both small reed relays and the
> termination resistors completely explode.

I never do anything with mine, but I use a bit heavier wire
and have close spark gaps across the secondary and from
secondary to the ground side of the primary. Some of the
gaps look pretty bad after a few years.

I lose maybe one or two transformers a year and my area gets
hit by lighting several times a year.

I use metal composition resistors and haven't had one change
value yet, although I've got a few with the outer coating
burned off.

73 Tom

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