Topband: Beverage Lightning Damage

David Sinclair k3ky at
Sat Feb 4 16:49:18 EST 2006

Pat Rose (by way of Bill Tippett <btippett at>) wrote:
> I have plenty of lightning here in the hill country of West Texas, 
> but have never lost a matching transformer (term resistors, yes).  My 
> transformers are not binocular core, but they are wound with 
> insulated #22 telephone (house wire).
> Pat, W5OZI

For years I have been using #26 AWG wire wrap wire. It is silver-
plated copper and the insulation is known as 'Kynar', I believe.
Being designed to stand up to wire wrapping, that insulation is
quite tough, yet it doesn't add too much to the wire's diameter.

Although I also use plain magnet wire of various types, the wire
wrap wire is very good where wire may get scraped as it is pulled
through a core or is tightened, especially where it passes across
sharp edges, as in binocular cores. With most toroids, this is
much less of a problem.

Solid telephone wire should also be good, although it does not have
any plating to prevent corrosion/promote solderability. That should
never be an issue so long as the wire is freshly stripped to expose
shiny copper, just prior to soldering. Its PVC insulation should be
reasonably scrape-resistant.

73, David K3KY

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