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Missouri Guy, N0TT n0tt1 at
Sat Feb 4 20:33:51 EST 2006

> Btw,  type 73 material is conductive, so you need to sleeve the core 
> or use
> wire  with a thicker insulation than enamal. 

> I have been using no.27 enamel wire with only the secondary within a 
> teflon  
> tube in the core. The primary is wound around the telfon but clearly 
> touches 
> the  bare core 

FWIW....I like the "wire wrap wire" one can buy
at Radio Shack.  It's #30 with a tough plastic insulation
that comes in various colors.  I use Sears Craftsman #73574
wire stripper to remove it.

Charlie   N0TT

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