Topband: W1AW

Barry Gross barry.n1eu at
Mon Feb 6 22:36:13 EST 2006

On 2/7/06, Ken Claerbout <K4ZW at> wrote:
>   Is it just me or is W1AW's signal on 160 very clicky?  I sent them a
> note
> a couple of weeks ago.  They said they would look into it but left me with
> the impression that this was the first they had heard of it.  Has anyone
> else mentioned this to them?  If so, seems like it's time they either fix
> the problem or suspend their bulletins on Topband until the problem is
> resolved.

Last week, the station manager contacted me for advice to fix the clicks and
I sent him instructions for the Omni 6.

73, Barry N1EU

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