Topband: W1AW

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Tue Feb 7 08:10:51 EST 2006

> On 2/7/06, Ken Claerbout <K4ZW at> wrote:
 >   Is it just me or is W1AW's signal on 160 very clicky?
I sent them a
> > note
> > a couple of weeks ago.  They said they would look into
it but left me with
> > the impression that this was the first they had heard of
it.  Has anyone
> > else mentioned this to them?  If so, seems like it's
time they either fix
> > the problem or suspend their bulletins on Topband until
the problem is
> > resolved.

They've been in exchanges with me and others off and on for
years now. I think they have been working on it. Sometimes
they sound clean, sometimes not. As I recall they were using
a Harris transmitter that used a tone injected into the SSB
generator to make CW.  That rig had tiny little W1AW's
clinging along the side of the papa W1AW.

Maybe they went to an Omni Clix to fix that.

> Last week, the station manager contacted me for advice to
fix the clicks and
> I sent him instructions for the Omni 6.

It doesn't sound real bad down here. They were maybe 50dB or
more out of noise, and I could only hear bothersome clicks
about 500Hz. I think the big problem is they have W1AW
parked in a prime area at prime time, and the ARRL never has
followed rules about listening before transmitting.
Conflicts are bound to arise, but at one point a few years
ago they could be 65 dB out of noise here and not have any
clicks at all.

Then they had hum. Then they fixed the hum and had baby
W1AW's up and down. Then they fixed the spurs, and had

I can't think of a good place to park it that would not be
breaking the bandplan. 1810? 1820? 1840?
1817.5 is just a nice clear spot to waste, hi hi.

Maybe the real problem is product reviews? If they published
TX defects in a clear and concise manner in reviews,
manufacturers would work on the rigs we use. An old Collins
KWM2 of mine is 20dB better for SSB IM3 than most modern
rigs. Why should that be? Because reviews let it happen.

Anyway, it has to be their fault. They are in charge of the
situation. :-)

73 Tom

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