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Tue Feb 7 07:57:45 EST 2006

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IMO they need to realize that they have wiped out so many DX contacts  with
their automated qrm generator operation over the years.  A more  prudent
approach for them would be to move up to 1990KHz or so which would  allow them
to continue their code practice without causing QRM to other  contacts.  
The Dx-
stations overseas have no idea that W1AW is  QRMing such a large portion of 
band, especially on the East Coast of  NA. But they are their by tradition
alone so it may be difficult for them  to do the right thing and move to a
better spot on the  band.

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ
Fat chance tho - I had discussed with a ARRL director 160 issues  including 
this one (which effects me a great deal) and he has always indicated  hostility 
to 160 because of "the ill treatment I can always count on from the  160 
crowd" apparently from bandplanning discussions. He also added recently he  was 
given rude treatment on air when he transgressed the DX window.  Has  anyone 
else also noted their frequency on 160 moves around a bit?   1817.50 is the 
published but they are seldom dead on - lately as high as  1817.56, 54 and usually 
52.  Very minor point but it makes me wonder  about the overall care and 
attention to the bcasting  practices.


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