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Did I  follow that correctly? Or did I miss something?
Who was that  director?

73 Tom

I think you have it Tom..  The Director is N2FF, Frank Fallon. He is  
otherwise a good guy, a very active ham as opposed to spending most of his time  
politicking and has been a forceful voice for tower rights in the Division. Also  
an active RTTY contester. HOWEVER he does, in fact, remain ambivalent at best, 
 and perhaps hostile, to 160 interests for the reasons I wrote.
I find this is often the case with elected officials in local government as  
well. They are elected from among a small group of people interested usually 
in  a narrow way and the greater constintuency is too apathetic or cynically  
inclined to vote. If you're real unlucky you get a leader who works against  
things important to you, if you are more "lucky" you hold onto some hope that  
even tho your particular area of interest is not shared by that leader that  
he/she nonetheless views your's as part of an important whole.   In  this case 
we are closer to the former than the later.

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