Topband: Working a rare one....again

Ron Spencer ronspencer at
Fri Feb 10 13:13:27 EST 2006

There was a string going on about how frustrating it was to hear a new one
and then hear others call and say "great to hear you again". 

K5ZK said, "However, if some of the guys who'd already worked a UA0 hadn't
coaxed Vlad out of the shadows with their CD DX's, he might not have known
how wide open the band was this morning. He worked several of the usual
big-signal denizens of the band before setting up his own lemonade stand."
True but this is not what was being talked about. Its one thing to shake the
DX loose (which everyone appreciates). Its another to join the ongoing pile
up to "work them again". Sure it’s a hobby and everyone is free to work
whomever whenever they want but perhaps it would also be a fine idea to
remember when you were the new guy needing everyone.....and stand by when
others are calling. Let the new guys/ smaller stations put a new one in the

73  Ron N4XD 

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