Topband: Topband and PSK

Scott Crouse vp9nmm at
Sun Feb 12 09:38:22 EST 2006

Good day all,

      I've been "playing" on topband for the past 7 years or so but now
starting to get more serious about operating.  I've upgraded my antennas to
an Inverted L and a couple of Beverages and have been having a ball!   Great
band and enjoy the challenge of working Topband.

      I've been noticing that there is little to no PSK activity on the
band.  PSK would seem to be a logical mode for the band, small bandwidth, a
signal that uses low power and compromise antennas might actually work with
this mode.  Yet no activity... strange.  Anyone have any comments as to why
this would be?

     One last question, there doesn't seem to be a standardized frequency
for PSK.  The few times I've noted activity it's been on 1807, 1838 and
1845.  Which frequency should be used?

     There are many people who don't like using CW (imagine that!) and want
to work DX on Topband, PSK would seem to be a mode that would allow this,
yet no one around.

     Cheers everyone,  comments?


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