Topband: Topband and the DX-Window

Donald Chester k4kyv at
Tue Feb 14 23:35:34 EST 2006

>The contest is
>already spread across the band. During the past two runnings of this
>particular contest there has been so much CW activity up as far as 1.890
>as to significantly displace phone operations for the duration of the
>contest. It's not nearly as congested as the bottom 50 kHz but it is
>there in large enough volume to "take over" for the most part....We don't 
>have room for this
>amount of intense contest activity in the traditional CW segment so it
>inevitably spreads upward.
>Of course we could also talk about what happens to the CW band during a
>phone contest despite the band plan calling for SSB only above 1.843...
>CW is completely eradicated for the duration. Or we could talk about the
>routine SSB operations below 1.843.

The activity during cw contests doesn't seem such a problem.  There is 
always ample room above 1900 even during the heaviest cw activity.  I 
sometimes hear routine cw activity near 2000 kHz to escape the contest QRM.  
But the opposite is not true during SSB contests.  They completely wipe out 
all cw activity.

It would seem so simple for CQ, ARRL and whoever else may sponsor the 
contests to put certain frequency ranges off limits (for example no SSB 
below 1840 kHz), and declare that any participant who fails to adhere to the 
plan will be disqualified.


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