Topband: Topband and the DX-Window

Tom Rauch w8ji at
Wed Feb 15 09:20:56 EST 2006

> >Of course we could also talk about what happens to the CW
band during a
> >phone contest despite the band plan calling for SSB only
above 1.843...
> >CW is completely eradicated for the duration. Or we could
talk about the
> >routine SSB operations below 1.843.
> The activity during cw contests doesn't seem such a
problem.  There is
> always ample room above 1900 even during the heaviest cw
activity.  I
> sometimes hear routine cw activity near 2000 kHz to escape
the contest QRM.
> But the opposite is not true during SSB contests.  They
completely wipe out
> all cw activity.

This is why regulation by bandplan, like RM-11305 proposed,
won't work well any time a band is crowded. Wide modes
displace narrow modes.
This is one of the reasons the FCC traditionally permits
narrow mode operation in areas used by wider modes, but does
NOT allow wider modes into narrow mode only regions.

There are good logical technical reasons why wider modes
should be restricted by law, and not by "good nature and

73 Tom

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