Topband: Topband and the DX-Window and gentlemen

Steve Flood flood at
Fri Feb 17 17:08:32 EST 2006

(Greg W7MY wrote...If you call a station and there is no one else or few 
calling and he doesn't hear you after several calls, you probably won't work 
him unless conditions change.)

'Unless conditions change' is the reason I keep calling Greg.  I've worked 
quite a few by being patient and persistent waiting for that critical moment 
when my signal bumps above his noise.  Even more critical as I run a low 
power station.

 (If you continue to call, doing so while the station is in a fade is really 
stupid; wait for the peaks and then call.)

I disagree.  I've tried calling DX as they emptily CQ for long periods with 
no change in their signal strength here, but at some point they are suddenly 
able to hear me Q5 with no repeats.  As long as the DX doesn't fade below my 
noise, I'll keep trying whether it is a peak or not.  I'm not convinced QSB 
is two-way.  On numerous occassions, many during contests, I can hear the DX 
(or east coast) CQing just fine, but they have trouble hearing me - mind 
you, this is without any QRM that I can detect.  In a matter of a few hours, 
the situation will turn and I will I have diffuculty hearing them, but they 
(seemingly the whole east coast) can hear me fine and I've got a weak-signal 
pile-up going on.

(Working new ones in a contest is the most difficult time to try. Focus on 
the week prior to the contest when many of the new one's are testing their 
stations and the days immediately after the contest before they head for 
home. Doing so will avoid becoming a party to the contest mayhem!)

If you try during the mayhem, then yes it is difficult.  But if good 
conditions are on for the contest, there are usually periods (especially the 
second day) when the DX has worked "most" and you can get your Q much 

73, Steve KK7UV

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