Topband: strange conditions PACER99 at
Fri Feb 17 14:06:47 EST 2006

Last night was very strange. Around 0500 z 3Y0X took a  sharp peak at around 
579/589. I could hear SV8CS calling him with a 579 signal  and no QSB. 
Thinking that the band was in good shape I decided to call CQ and  see what could be 
heard from Europe.
Nothing heard which was strange because the signals from  SV8CS  were still 
loud. Around 15 minutes later the band noise went totally  dead. Understand, 
that with the beverages that I have the band noise floor is  usually at "0". 
Thinking that something was wrong with either the transceiver or  the beverage 
box I checked everything only to find that all was in order.  Something had gone 
strange with the band. The only possible solution that I had  was to use my 
external preamplifier. Called CQ again and was rewarded with the  best European 
opening of the season. The stations worked followed sunrise in  Europe almost 
exactly and reports received were outstanding. Two plus hours of  European 
QSO's followed!
Thinking that a good opening to Asia would be coming I got  up early (12 z) 
and tried for JA.
The usual band noise was back and no answers from JA.  Strange.
This is the first time that I have been aware of these  anomalies. I leave it 
for the experts to explain these strange conditions.  Anyone?

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