Topband: Caribbean request

Greg - ZL3IX zl3ix at
Fri Feb 24 02:32:49 EST 2006

On behalf of the ops in OC, can I please make a request to folks intending a 
Carib expedition.

We see so often, that Carib stations are QRV for a while, but then QRT 
before OC has a shot.  Today there was CO, C6, and FS available, but all 
were QRT an hour before ZL SS.  I guess the problem is even worse for VK.

Guys, I know it means staying up a bit later, and you can't do it every day, 
but please, just once in a while...................!  Either that or make an 
effort to be up at your SR.

Tks in anticipation + 73,

Greg, ZL3IX 

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