Topband: EU DXing

robert briggs vk3zl at
Wed Mar 1 04:56:11 EST 2006

Just an update on my summer Eu Dxing.Total of contacts since Nov 25 is now is 467.
Conditions since January 28 have been very poor with few real openings,generally only 3 or 4 stations worked each day.
The band really opened right up yesterday 28th and I was able to contact 29 stations over the hour before and into sunrise.Again this morning starting at 1900z until sunrise 2015z I worked 49 contacts.
I was dissappointed when T80X started on my transmit frequency right on the sunrise peak putting an end to my pileup.No QRL just fired away.This is not good operating but I guess one has to put up with this sort of behavior.Maybe the guy is desparate..
If conditions continue to improve then I will easily exceed my 2000/2001 EU summer total at the sunspot peak.I have operate for another month on this path.
Bonus this morning was working Somalia 599 first time in 27 years of Topband operation.
Good DXing to all.  Bob VK3ZL...

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