Topband: 2 Queations

Larry Molitor w7iuv at
Thu Mar 2 16:03:48 EST 2006

Jim & Carolyn Kingsbury <kingsburys at> wrote:  Has anyone measured or tried the tv cable splitters on the low frequencies 
(1.8 thru 10 Mhz)?Jim,
  I've run TV splitters from several manufacturers on a network analyzer.  They do an acceptable job on 160 for RX antenna applications. The loss  is a bit higher than it should be but the split is OK and the impedance  match is OK. I've used them in a pinch on my phased flags and Beverages.
  A better choice is the splitter described by W8JI on his web page. I use that whenever I can.
  Larry - W7IUV
  DN07dg - central WA

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