Topband: FW: how to set up a Skype receiving beacon

Jose M. Valdes R. YV5LIX yv5lix at
Wed Mar 8 23:43:29 EST 2006

My 2 cents worth.

It is my personal view that a contact using other than 2 ways sky wave radio
propagation should not be accepted for any awards, in other word, if one end
uses her/his radio to transmit and the RX is performed thanks to Internet,
the QSO is a fraudulent one, hamradio is about radios, and a QSO should be
accomplished 100% using radios physically at our shacks, if I set up a
remote radio in England and I link to it via internet and them I QSO with a
station in Kazakhstan, such a QSO  should not be valid for any awards, as a
toy to play with it is perfectly acceptable, but not as a means to achieve a
larger number of DXCC entities for awards, the challenge of amateur radio,
and specially on 160 meters, are the difficulties to complete a 2 way QSO. 

Besides, let us assume a contest scenario were an operator is entering the
contest in the 160 meters band and has two stations set up with one at
his/her QTH and the other remotely linked via internet and installed in
Japan, when it is daytime in the Americas and the band is dead he/she will
be making remote QSOs with stations in Asia/Oceania were it will be
nighttime, should those QSOs be valid for the contest? I don't think so.

This is just my personal point of view.

73/DX Jose M. Valdes R. (Joe) YV5LIX Advisory Board Member
QSL manager EA7FTR
VHF Packed: 145.430 using C YV5LIX
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