Topband: how to set up a Skype receiving beacon

Raoul Coetzee raoulc at
Thu Mar 9 08:27:13 EST 2006

At first I thought this Skype reverse beacon was a wonderful idea and told
Eric so.
Then the demons started, multiple receivers all over the world? And what if
somebody is just sending his call without explanation to the Skype receiver,
one could think that the station is working a split dx station.

The thought that the system could be abused by lids never even crossed my
mind; Tom and others pointed the problems out and in general I share their
It is a sad day that we have to think how to stay ahead of people that
obviously have no integrity.Yes, radio is about radio and yes, I would like
to hear my sigs over Skype
for the sake of of just knowing that the band is open. I can easily forget
about your crowded bands over there, I am currently the only 160m operator
for about 1300km!
The other two or three are not currently active and after them it's the rest
of Africa and you all know how active that is on 160m.But it is a different
ball game on your side of the pond with many ops and apparently many

I have now worked 45 countries in a years time (dont laugh,I know some do it
over a weekend!) from my suburban city lot (20m x 40m) and I feel mighty
proud everytime I make a contact with a 16m high down-sloping T antenna for
tx and a 3 turn co-ax loop.

kind regards
Raoul Coetzee

Please note my new email :raoulc at

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