Topband: how to set up a Skype receiving beacon

Bill Tippett btippett at
Thu Mar 9 13:33:29 EST 2006


 >We don't need people pinging receivers with one-way
transmissions in crowded areas of the band.

         This may have already been stated but
W3GH reported 9M2AX on 1831.5 around 2320z when
the band was wide open to Europe.  I was listening
at the time and Ross was no better than 559 here.
I wonder how Bob would have felt if EU big guns
were holding a pinging contest on 1832.1 at the
same time Ross replied?  ;-)

         These things should be away from popular DX
areas, but of necessity must be in the 1810-1850
window for Region 1 (the primary users) to be legal.
Therefore 1800.1 is NOT an option.  I would also
stay at least 1 kHz away from 1810.0 which is the
QRP calling frequency.  My feeling is that near
the 1840 buffer between SSB and CW would be best
(if they are necessary at all).

         I have yet to hear why a simple CQ will not
serve the purpose of determining if the band is
open.  I'll also add that Orion's excellent AGC
will make it difficult to compare (audio only) signal
strengths that are within 10 dB of each other.  If
both are well above the noise floor, the AGC works
quite well to equalize audio levels.

                                 73,  Bill  W4ZV

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