Topband: how to set up a Skype receiving beacon

PA5MW pa5mw at
Thu Mar 9 16:12:33 EST 2006

> Second, people will ping that receiver. The mere presence of
> the receiver, if people use it, will create unnecessary QRM
> by encouraging people to make one-way transmissions to that
> receiver. This is something that should never be encouraged.

Not presenting an opinion here, but a mere fact:
Skype does not provide multicasting at automatic answering.
In other words; only 1 listener can automatically connect the RX experiment 
of K3NA at a time. As such, in practise the amount of "pingers" is limited 
to 1. And it takes a while before you have the remote RX audio online. Next 
there will be a latency of min 1 sec.

On a personal note:
I can see the picture Tom is drawing. It is certainly not unrealistic and 
not welcome in my view.
To "test" your low-band performance you can do 2 other things:
- make qso's
- enter a dedicated chat session, like , telnet converse  for 
making your sked etc..etc..

73 Mark, PA5MW 

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