Topband: TS-830S

robert briggs vk3zl at
Tue Mar 14 04:29:19 EST 2006

I have recently obtained a "Vintage" Kenwood TS-830S along with the remote
VFO-230.This equipment is in immaculate condition,as new.
I want to optomise the rig for 160 meter work.The radio currently has 
one CW filter,the
YK88c1 which is  250 Hz  unit a bit too narrow and high pitched for my 
old ears.
I would like some ideas on which filters to look for,and maybe where 
best to obtain them without being ripped off.Also any other any other 
useful modifications which would benefit the radio.The radio has just 
had a complete realignment..
Cheerio to all,Bob VK3ZL.....vk3zl at

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