Topband: Boring Report - VK6ABL

Tree tree at
Tue Mar 14 12:04:19 EST 2006

This morning, turned on the radio and heard VK6ABL working W7AWA.  After
our QSO, he went into beacon mode for awhile.

I also called some CQs and was rewarded with JA7MSQ calling me.  

I guess if we all turned on our CQ machines while doing reading out topband
e-mail, there would probably be enough signals on the band to make sure 
no openings get missed.

Was visiting 9V1YC over the weekend, and while he has no 160 antennas, I spent
some time on 80 meters and worked as far east as Texas at sunset.  At sunrise,
I did manage to work K3NA! 

The low bands still have some life left in them.  Now, to see if I can work a
few more Europeans before the end of the "season".  

Also - during my trip to VU, I think I helped get some of them fired up about 
topband.  Hopefully there will be some good consistent activity from there next 
winter.  I know I would dearly love to scratch zone 22 off the list.

73 Tree N6TR

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