Topband: TopBand Beacons

Lennart Michaelsson lennart.michaelsson at
Wed Mar 15 09:43:02 EST 2006

Mike N2MS:
The best way of finding out if a band is open is to go on the air and
listen, then give a call.

Unfortunately, the only time the band is active these days is during a
contest or when a rare station is on the air. We should operate more and
spend less time on the internet if we don't want to lose our frequencies to
another service.

I agree Mike,
Besides, there are a few wanted or unwanted beacons, namely W1AW, the
Slovenian BC 2nd harmonic on 1836 and a few more in Eu around 1856.
I have been listening and calling with W1AW being S8-9 here but no other US
stations QRV.
One could easily get the impression people are satisfied knowing the band is
open and leave it so.
No more beacons please. Instead get on the band for some qso:s please.

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