Topband: Relays in *TX* array

Roger D Johnson n1rj at
Thu Mar 23 09:38:14 EST 2006

Pete Smith wrote:
> I've noticed a tendency (myself included) to go with big and beefy whether it's necessary or not - using Jones plugs to carry 60 milliamps of current, using vacuum relays whether the voltages justify it or not, etc.  There are literally thousands of 2-buck PC board relays switching full legal limit power in Top-Ten relay boxes around the country and the world.  I have never heard a report of one failing in use absent other forces such as lightning or "serious smoke."  W2VJN has written about testing these relays at high SWR and more than maximum legal power for extended period, so why not relax and enjoy a bargain for a change.
> Before anyone asks, I just looked in my Mouser catalog and tried to jog my memory, without success - mine are all closed up, and out on the tower.  Perhaps someone else recalls the specific part.
> 73, Pete N4ZR

Trudging several hundred feet, through 3 ft of snow during a Maine
winter, to futz with a recalcitrant relay at the base of the antenna
will make one wish he had spent a few extra bucks for the vacuum

73, Roger

Remember the USS Liberty (AGTR-5)

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