Topband: Relay types-Tx and Rx

Brad Rehm brehm at
Thu Mar 23 14:43:20 EST 2006

George Cutsogeorge wrote:
> At Top Ten Devices we have been using the same relays in our antenna
> switching products for about 15 years now.  They are the Aromat
> types....
> George, W2VJN

>  I'm getting a bit confused! We have two different relay discussions that
have seemingly merged into one.
>...there is another consideration in this application and that is switching
time. I normally use semi-QSK and need a fast relay so I advocated using a
vacuum relay. If one
>operates SSB or uses a footswitch or some such PTT arrangement, then
switching time is not so important.

> 73, Roger


I agree...there are applications for all three kinds of relays.  I've used
George's recommended parts for a number of years, in Beverage switching, in
my amp, and in some commercial applications at the office.  No problems.

Vacuum relays are best for the circuits that need to switch very quickly, as
in the RF I/O relays in my amp.  And BTW, if a person couldn't find a
suitable vacuum relay at a hamfest or on Ebay, they might want to look at
the Gigavac home page:  They offer good over-the-phone
technical support, and they have a low-priced selection that's targeted at
the ham market.

Brad, KV5V

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