Topband: Relays

Harold Smith w0rihps at
Thu Mar 23 19:49:03 EST 2006

I just got out of the Hospital after spending 9 days getting treatment for my acute asthma and bronchitis. It worked fine and I feel very good, better than in many years.

I am using Deltrol Controls relays # 100RF DPDT 15A. Coil 12vDc. These relays were made for Collins Radio.

I bought these from Surplus Sales of Nebraska about 10 years ago. They weren't cheap, about $12.00 each. I use around 12 of these to switch between various feed systems for transmit and receive antennas from 160 to 10 meters. Several of these relays are use in the normal closed position. Some antennas are selected with no voltage to the coil. Both contacts wipe very nice.

I had used some surplus relays before and yes I had problems with the N.O contacts. 

I have NEVER had intermittent N.O. contact, ever after not being actuated. I was going to replace them with  12 Jennings RJ-1As. I made up the switch box several years ago with vacuum relays. If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT.

They don't even know that the Alpha 77DX is in line.

73 Price WØRI

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