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Re:Balloon lifted wire Antenna?
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'allo Deni,

I have been looking into this over the past year.
First of all, make sure you can get a source of
Helium.  I found this to be very expensive here in
France. I will give you more local info, off the

There are 2 sites that have quite a bit of info about
balloons and kites. The first is an Ex-G near you and
he SELLS complete kits, ( appart from the helium !!!)
 or there is another ex-G who is big with kites
( Good guy, very helpful.
What is it with us ex-Gs and kites ?

I note that the commercial guy does not use a safety

The antenna you suggest is LONG/Heigh. I think above
40m you need special permission. 

If there is ANY wind a balloon will wander.

I found a cross between a kite and a balloon a great
alternative, its called a helikite. Available
commercially, but very expensive. This is good in
no-wind and windy conditions. The balloon will also be
able to lift the kite into the wind and be stable for
hours. (
I am planning on trying to build one this year. I have
a great kite shop near where I work, and they will
help me.  'What do you want to do ......?????' you
know the story.

I am around your way from time to time, maybe we could
meet up and spend enless hours pulling wires out of
trees and undoing all the tangles ;-)

Cheers Robert
F5VHN f5vhn(at)

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