Topband: TY5MR

Phil Clements philc at
Mon Mar 27 14:02:46 EST 2006

What a pleasant surprise to add another country to the log so late in the
season. The thunderstorm Gods here in Texas saw fit to lay off for a few

I must congratulate the TY Team on their obviously hard work in setting up a
fantastic station. Each night, here in E. TX, I start hearing 559 on the 80
degree Beverage about 15 minutes before sunset. They just seem to appear on
queue, just like turning on a switch! There is no gray-line boost; the
signal remains an honest 559 until they QRT for the night. Both sides of the
QSO's are 100% copy here. It's fun to listen up the band to see who they are
going to pick out to answer. The operator(s) have a great technique; there
is no doubt when they finish with you that they have your call correctly.

Three cheers for a great operation, and super Easter present. (country #163
for me) Have a sage trip home, guys.

Phil Clements, K5PC

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