Topband: FW: NM7M Hospitalized

Garry Shapiro garry at
Tue Mar 28 16:29:16 EST 2006

I received this from Steve Gecewicz, aka Lance Johnson, K0CS. I have since
exchanged emails with Bob's son Bruce. Bob is doing well. I hope to speak
with him soon.

Garry, NI6T

PROPAGATION GURU HOSPITALIZED - Famous HF Propagation Guru, Bob Brown, NM7M,
is recovering from surgery at the Island Hospital in Anacortes, Washington.
Friends may send Get Well greetings to Bob at his son's email address
brucebro at His son's message follows.

Dear Friends,
I thought you'd be interested to hear how our father, Bob Brown, NM7M is
doing.  His surgery on Wednesday, March 22, went longer than planned, but
was very successful.  The tumor was indeed benign, but they spent quite a
bit of time on his blocked bile duct;  it was lucky that they had found that
problem too, so they could take care of it while the hood was up, so to
speak.  He's making a slow but steady recovery, & has even sat up in a chair
already.  He's a little less cheery today, since the tube down his throat is
hurting him, but otherwise he's OK, & they may move him out of the ICU later
It will probably be a while before he can be back on e-mail, but you can get
news of him from Island Hospital in Anacortes (360/299-1300), or from my
sisters Janet Becker (pager no. 562/227-3829) & Jennifer Modestou (cell ph.
319/321-2105) (they'll be here a few more days still), or from me (home ph.
310/289-1775, e-mail brucebro at
Best wishes, Bruce Brown

--------- Sent by Steve -K0CS

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