Topband: Thunderstorm

Guy Olinger, K2AV olinger at
Wed Mar 29 10:04:00 EST 2006

"I walked closer to it and could tell the guy wires were arcing across 
the insulators ( I used 25KV electric fence insulators)."

In Virginia I once saw arcing across the power company egg insulators 
breaking up guy wires to my backyard tower. Storm was in plain view to 
the south, but not yet visually "over" me.

Don't know whether because it was scary or static, but it made the 
hair stand up on my neck, and I hightailed it for the house. Within 
the minute lightning splintered a tree on the next street over. The 
spark show on the guys lasted for three, maybe four minutes, with 
quick little breaks, including when the lightning hit on the next 
street. Lot of thunder.

Lightning, when it wants to go somewhere, doesn't care about a few 


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