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Sun Nov 5 09:32:12 EST 2006

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>There is no reason why W1AW is operating  there, I am sure >if you inspect 
their license you would find like ours  there is no >operating frequency 
indicated, therefore lets move them up to  >the middle of the band with the other 
Broadcast Station near >1850 kHz,  same the lower portion of 160 meters for DX 

>I vote  for Tom's idea... Tom, maybe you should run for >president, hi  hi.
I am far from being an anti ARRL person but I have a hard time not  believing 
they could care less about 160. Perhaps it's too mainstream, "old  school" 
for them as they seek to re-invent amateur radio but in my view they,  and 
others, miss the boat big-time re ambivalence to 160 because it is the  only HF 
band where holistic skills count and by now I hope everyone realizes  amateur 
radio will never be a general interest thing attracting  millions.

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