Topband: Wow! Nice Opening this evening.

Brian Moran brianmo at
Wed Nov 8 01:10:15 EST 2006

The Seattle area was favored with some nice propagation this evening; I saw the DX Cluster heating up for the East coast as we were sitting down for dinner, and after I got the kids tucked into bed, turned on the radio (about 0400z) I heard a faint but building signal -- ZS1REC - the first time I've ever heard ZS on 160 here in near Seattle. I know that some of the reflector readers work all the continents by 0002z on September 1, but it was exciting just to *hear* a ZS. I got a 'DG?' back to my calls, but was unable to complete either before or after N7UA got in there with his huge signal.  Then he just faded away. Heard a bunch of the usual suspects, like SM5EDX, SM4CAN, OH3XR, and worked a couple when they weren't busy.  
  Hope this keeps up! 
  See you on topband, 
  Brian N9ADG

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