Topband: "The Dry Look"

EP Swynar gswynar at
Thu Nov 9 09:36:20 EST 2006

Good Afternoon All,

Last week, whilst fine-tuning the series mounted air-variable capacitor in one of my inverted "L's" outside, I noticed the tell-tale signs of moisture condensation inside the "Folger's Coffee" plastic container that I use to protect the cap from the elements...

I pondered the purchase of some silica salt (you know the stuff I mean --- it's that "sand" they place inside those small tea  bag-like pouches that you always find whenever opening-up a box of any newly acquired imported electronic doo-dad), but I wasn't exactly sure where one might find such a thing...

...Suddenly --- ever-resourceful (and newly-retired, a.k.a. "cheap"!) Radio Amateur that I am --- it dawned on me that a handful of raw rice sprinkled inside the container might do the job of "moisture magnet" for me, and do it for free, to boot. 

Restaurants are known to mix grains of rice with the salt in their table dispensers to keep moisture from "clumping" the salt why not try it here?

I'll shall dutifully keep the group abreast of devlopments(!) in this regard...meanwhile, the 3-element triangular phased "L" array is coming along very nicely, and exhibiting some rather pronounced directional effects during the course of casual on-the-air tests I've been making with co-operative Amateurs...

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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