Topband: Mysterious Noise - Final

Jim Brown jim at
Tue Nov 14 01:56:13 EST 2006

On Tue, 14 Nov 2006 01:19:54 -0500, Jeff Maass wrote:

>Have you actually purchased a #31 toroid?

>I've seen the specs for the material, but never
>anyone selling them in toroid form. I don't think
>they've ever made/sold any, but I'd love to be
>proven wrong!

Yes, our group purchase was for 1,800 pieces, and I took 100 of them. 
The data on my webpage   was 
measured from a pre-production prototype that Fair Rite sent me. It is 
Fair-Rite p/n 2631803802  Our purchase may have been the initial 
order. They cost us $1.62 plus tax plus shipping.  

The people selling ferrites in the ham community (Amidon, Palomar, 
etc.) are salesmen, not engineers. They only sell what they have sold 
for the last 20 years, and they sell at VERY high markups.  

Jim K9YC

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