Topband: Homebrew Topband mobile antenna

M0VEY at M0VEY at
Tue Nov 14 06:20:43 EST 2006

Hi ,
        I am looking for any info  about homebrewing a Topband mobile 
antenna. I will want to use this Static  mobile so the size is not too critical, as 
long as It is not as big as a base  antenna. Probably anything under 10 foot 
tall would fit my parameters. 
    I look forward to any e-mails. Alternatively you  could call me up on 
1.972   I am there most nights except  Saturday.
                                    Location is near Hornsea East Yorkshire. 
I am having great success with a  homebrew helical at home & want to see what 
I can do in the car.
                         m0vey            m0vey at     

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