Topband: 9J2VB on 160

Mark n2qt at
Wed Nov 15 10:23:58 EST 2006

I just finished a qso with Vlad on 15ssb where he expressed his extreme 
unhappiness with
the 160 operation this morning.  I explained to him that 3XD2Z was 
straddling his split
frequency and he was probably hearing quite a few of those calling the 3X. 
He was
still quite unhappy with the whole thing since he felt there were many 
calling him who could
not hear him, and giving reports.  He indicated he would try one more time 
tonight and
if he felt there many calling him who could not hear him, and were generally 
wasting time
giving ghost reports he would not op on 160 again.

If you have a chance to talk with Vlad it would be good to reassure him and 
gratitude for the job he's doing on 160 as well as all the other bands.

Mark n2qt

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