Topband: VK9CGG attempts to work USA

Steve Ireland vk6vz at
Thu Nov 16 09:26:48 EST 2006

Hi Bill

Hope all is well with you.

Charlie VK9CGG/W0YG has asked me to email you in order to post some info
about his 160m activity, in regard to the USA, on the topband reflector

Firstly, despite Charlie's being heard in the eastern USA on a number of
occasions in his mornings/at USA sunrise, he has been unable to hear any USA
stations, despite getting Europeans callers(to whom he usually has
propagation to at this time) to standby.

Also, despite Charlie being regularly active in his evenings, the prop into
the USA has been generally awful at this time, with only one decent evening

Charlie says: "I have worked 31 US guys but every one, every one, was a
struggle....  After beating my head for hours against a wall, tell the guys
I am slacking off, I just cannot continue to call CQ to a dead band from my
perspective.  I am moving on to other more productive bands."

"We have not been affected by the Chinese Dragon on topband.  There is just
no prop."

"Please tell the guys tomorrow morning my time, evening on the east
coast [on 16 November], I will try again with a CQ USA effort but that is
about it.  We have so much in the air we are going to have to start to
re-arrange things for our departure."

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ

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