Topband: Boring Radar Report

Tree tree at
Thu Nov 16 11:45:27 EST 2006

This morning, the radar was louder than ever - several S-units above the
noise level.

I made a recording of it here:

During this recording, I was tuning around the band some with the radio
setup for SSB reception.  

Also - several people have requested a way to download the european "run"
I mentioned in my last post.  It can now be fond in MP3 format here: - it is a 68 megabyte file, so
don't try downloading this unless you have a high bandwidth connection.

Talked to E51PDX (W7YAQ) on 80 meters this morning.  He said he only has
10 QSOs on topband - and has pretty much given up trying.  He will be 
leaving in a couple of days.

Did work G3JMJ last night with a pretty good signal that had a hard time
making up its mind if it was direct or skewed path.  I had heard Geoff, 
G3XGC just before this, but he had to QRT with some kind of technical 
problem.  Did briefly hear SP6HEC when he was working N7JW, but there 
was too much QSB to make a QSO.

73 Tree N6TR
tree at

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