Topband: 160-Report From The G.W.N. ("Great White North")

EP Swynar gswynar at
Sun Nov 19 07:45:13 EST 2006

Good Day All,

I suspected that maybe the newly-installed phased array here wasn't all that I had thought it to be, last night, when I casually chased "G" stations in the RSGB 160-meter contest...I ended-up with only 5 good & valid QSOs --- but I very easily could have had at least that many more, had my calls to some stations been successful (and a few of the participants that I was calling had some very impressive signals, too)...

My faith was readily restored again this morning, however: it started-out with a QSO with NL7Z (Kevin), and continued on with contacts with VK3ZL (Bob), VK6HD (Mike), VK6VZ (Steve), & VK2BJ (Steve) --- all good, unbroken QSOs, too! 

Now, I realize that this is all "small potatoes" to the majority of the readership, but to a traditionally "...small spud" like yours truly, this is all very heady stuff, indeed --- and an absolutely great way to start the day...!

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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