Topband: radial systems

Rudy Severns rudys at
Sun Nov 19 12:31:15 EST 2006

I wanted to remind everyone that the data I showed on signal strength versus 
radial number is for my particular location.  If your soil is significantly 
better than mine, the difference between 4 and 64 radials would be smaller 
and the curve should flatten out sooner (lower number of radials).  The 
absolute values would of course be higher for all measurements.  Good soil 
is better than poor soil.  On the other hand if your soil is worse than mine 
then you would expect the difference to be larger and the curve to flatten 
out a higher number of radials. It's common sense, the poorer your soil, the 
harder you have to work on the ground system. Of course the ground system 
only helps with efficiency, it's no help for the far-field pattern.  If you 
live on a salt marsh then life is good.

73 Rudy N6LF 

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